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Dannebrog’s Birthday

Today is the birthday of the World’s oldest national flag Dannebrog. According to legend it fell down from the sky on the 15th of June 1219 at the Battle of Lyndanise (Tallinn, Estonia). Historians, however, have found that more likely happened at the Battle of Viljandi 1208, (click here for the whole tale), which makes the Danish flag even older.

Dannebrog is the official flag of the Danish state and since 1854 the Danes have had the right to hoist the flag whenever they want from 8 morning to 8 evening. The flag was hoist when the Danes gathered for song evenings during the Nazi Occupation 1940-45, they are used for National holidays, private celebrations, for football, for protests and greetings. Flags are waved when a beloved person arrives home and flags are put on birthday cakes, birthday cards and are placed in the birthday child’s drive.

Dannebrog is one of the most important Danish national symbols.

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